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About nice protein gels

About nice protein gels

A guide into troubleshooting guides for SDS-PAGE protein electrophoresis. One-dimensional (1D) Denaturing protein electrophoresis is a...

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Science is endless, your research project isn't

Science is endless, your research...

The time given to finish your research project is limited. Same is the laboratory budget. Shorter turnaround times, higher productivity as well as...

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Market Analysis: High Fidelity PCR, GC rich, Long PCR Enzymes and Master Mixes

Market Analysis: High Fidelity PCR,...

Market Analysis High Fidelity PCR, GC rich, Long PCR Enzymes and Master Mixes is available in different versions: free pdf versions for UK, US,...

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5 success tips for life science researchers

5 success tips for life science...

How to get sufficient research financing and to win more time for your science? Better funding and an optimized planning of course help. But what...

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