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flash4science is an exclusive life science flash sale and sampling marketplace. Together with partnering life science suppliers we offer weekly saving and sampling deals for life science researchers in USA, Germany and UK.

Who can benefit from flash4science?

flash4science expands and offers a dynamic product portfolio reflecting the newest trends and technologies in life science. Weekly updated saving offers of flash4science partners in flash sales and long-term deals eliminate your lab’s financial limits. Free of charge offers of flash discount coupons and free samples open new horizons for your science and creativity.

flash4science partners
life science suppliers.

Life science companies can sell and promote products and services; offer free samples via flash4science platform. Every small/medium life science supplier or custom service provider as well as every well-known life science brand (like Agilent Technologies, Qiagen, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Promega, New England Biolabs, Sigma-Aldrich, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Merck Millipore, Illumina, Roche) may potentially offer their deals via flash4science platform.

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flash4science customers
life science researchers and scientists.

Scientists enjoy the opportunity not only to reduce their budget spending but also to save time. They can focus on science rather than on searching for suppliers and looking for discounts. In addition to best prices, flash4science is also the easy way to discover new products and to get to know more suppliers.

Join to save time & money!

Ordering laboratory reagents, equipment or consumables from multiple suppliers is easier, faster and economical with flash4science:

  • up to 50% off for laboratory supplies all year long
  • free samples and demo instruments to try new reagents or equipment
  • samples or products from multiple life science suppliers – just a single order to process
  • all products are shipped directly by your supplier

How easy it works?

  • Fast and simple registration provides you with an overview of all saving, sampling and coupon offers in your country with special prices.
  • An easy selection of products according to application, category, supplier or a deal type on our homepage allows you to order what you need within just a few clicks
  • Informative product pages with all product literature, images and specifications make it easy to learn important facts about the product before ordering.
  • To make your internal processes faster, use the option to share your product cart via the link that you will be provided in the Shopping Cart. Sharing works only when your supervisor or purchasing department has created an account at flash4science.com. If they are not registered yet, they will see a reminder to register when they open your Cart. After you share a link with them, they will be able to purchase products that you collected in the shopping cart.
  • If you have a credit card or PayPal account, you can safely use it for payment. If you choose payment via invoice, you will receive it and pay it like you are used to – in 30 days.
  • Right after ordering you will get an email confirming your order and you will be contacted by each supplier shortly. All products will be shipped directly by your supplier, like usual.

If you have questions, we are always here to assist you via phone or email: +49 7250 33 13 402, info@flash4science.com

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flash4science unites biotech brands and connects researchers with suppliers. All together we have one goal - no matter if we are researching, developing, producing or selling; we all live the biotech same as we all seek for a happier and healthier world.