Column-based purifications of proteins or DNA are routine procedures in many laboratories. However, not all columns are created equal and it can take many failed experiments to find the correct column for your application.  What’s more, using a column specifically tailored to your sample volume is as important as the resin itself.

In collaboration with emp Biotech, flash4science is pleased to provide such an opportunity for German researchers – order and try free samples of precision filled NA purification or protein desalting Centri●Pure columns specifically designed to make protein or NA purification from small sample volumes fast and highly efficient.

Removal of small molecules (salts, dyes, ammonia, haptens, biotin, etc.) from antibodies, enzymes and other proteins:

Removal of small molecules (salts, dyes, ammonia, haptens, biotin, etc.) from nucleic acids:

“Excellence, made perfect” is the promise fulfilled by emp Biotech with Centri●Pure columns. They are precisely filled with Zetadex, a proprietary cross-linked composite dextran matrix proven to be of the high selectivity, supreme resolution and chemical stability. Zetadex gel shows superior results in desalting, buffer exchange or removal of low molecular weight impurities. Fluorescent dyes, nucleotides, and haptens can be efficiently removed from the samples in a few easy steps. In combination with the specially treated sinter frits the ultrapure gel matrix ensures outstanding resolution and unsurpassed selectivity.

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Image  by emp Biotech

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