SecurRIN™ RNase Inhibitor, 40 u/µl

highQu via Clent Life Science Cat.No.RNI0202Size: 20000 units


Prevention of RNA degradation during:
• cDNA synthesis
• RNA purification
• in vitro transcription


• Efficient RNA protection from RNases during cDNA synthesis
• Economical robust high quality enzyme
• Active under different reaction conditions


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The SecurRIN™ RNase Inhibitor is a premium tool for protection of the RNA from degradation during enzymatic reactions, storage or RNA purification. It is a recombinant protein derived from E. coli strain carrying the porcine RNase Inhibitor gene. The SecurRIN™ RNase Inhibitor is a 52 kDa non-competitive inhibitor of pancreatic-type ribonucleases such as RNase A, RNase B, and RNase C. This product is a perfect choice for RNA protection during cDNA synthesis or during one-step RT PCR. Active in all common buffers used for RNA work. 1 unit of the RNase Inhibitor is typically used for 1 microliter of RNA reaction.

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