GeBAflex-tube Dialysis & Buffer Exchange Mega Kit

GeBa (via bts Biotech Trade & Service) Cat.No.D080-12/10-1Size: 1 sample size


• Protein dialysis or buffer exchange
• Extraction of Proteins/RNA/DNA/oligos from any gel
• Desalting


• Easy procedure of protein or NA dialysis and buffer exchange
• Unsurpassed sample recovery of >98%


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• GeBAflex-tube Dialysis & Buffer Exchange Mega Kit, 12000-14000 MWCO, 10 ml The GeBAflex-tube Dialysis & Buffer Exchange Kits are for decade top-selling products for protein and nucleic acids dialysis, purification or buffer exchange applications. GeBAflex-tube Dialysis & Buffer Exchange Kits include unique specially designed plastic single-use tube having an integrated permeable membrane enabling migration of salts. The high quality of the membrane allows for an unsurpassed 98% recovery of pure samples. The proprietary membrane is free from contaminating nucleic acids, heavy metals and treated with EDTA. The kits perform in an easy-to-handle manner by pipetting the sample into the tube and performing dialysis while tubes are floating in the buffer. Even a floating rack is included for a convenience of use. Multiple samples at once can be processed what allows for high throughput applications. No special equipment or syringes are required. GeBAflex-tube Dialysis & Buffer Exchange Kits are available in different sizes adapted for differing sample volumes, they include appropriately sized tubes: Mini Kits - Mini GeBAflex-tube, volume range 10 µl to 250 µl Midi Kits - Midi GeBAflex-tube, volume range 50 µl to 800 µl Maxi Kits - Maxi GeBAflex-tube, volume range 100 µl to 3000 µl (provided with changeable caps for flexible volume adjustments) Mega Kits - Mega GeBaflex-tube, volume range 0,5 ml to 20 ml (changeable caps for volume adjustments can be purchased separately)

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