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flash4science will organize the best saving offers for your lab from multiple life science suppliers

flash4science is the best place to buy and to sell life science reagents, instruments and consumables. A lot of life science suppliers join us to present their selected saving offers for the labs: free samples, flash sales, flash coupons or long-term deals. It can happen that your favorite supplier or product is not available among flash4science offers. No problem. Our new GET Lab Savings tool will help to save your time and money, as we are going to organize the discount you need for the product you want!

Save time and money of your lab & get more opportunities for your research

Our new GET Lab Savings tool saves your lab’s time and money that you can better invest for your scientific experiments and studies. flash4science will organize your personal offers with the discount that your laboratory needs for the molecular biology reagents and kits that your research requires. With GET Lab Savings tool we assist you in getting own best pricing in life science market. We are in contact with different life science suppliers worldwide and we know many life science and biotechnology brands. We will help you to get the best saving offers

Your required discount rate and the specified supplier is all we need to know

In addition to flash4science daily deals and our FIND Lab Savings scan of saving offers from leading life science suppliers our new GET Lab Savings tool is made to assist you in getting your own personal life science discounts. Fill in the short form with your needs, and we will organize best prices from life science vendors. We are in contact with different life science suppliers worldwide what makes us confident to tell you that we have good chances to get the best saving offer for your lab. You can ask for multiple discounts from several different suppliers at once. Save time, let us save your money. You can start with any life science brand; the list of a few leading life science suppliers below will ensure you do not forget some good vendor.

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GET Lab Savings by following life science suppliers

  • Affymetrix
  • Agilent
  • Analytic Jena
  • Arcticzymes
  • Bioline
  • Bio Rad
  • Carl ROTH
  • Clontech/TaKaRa
  • CellFree Sciences
  • Conda
  • Cube Biotech
  • Eppendorf
  • emp BIOTECH
  • Fisher Scientific
  • GE Life Sciences
  • highQu
  • Jena Bioscience
  • KAPA Biosciences
  • Lipocalyx
  • Macherey Nagel
  • neoLab
  • New England Biolabs
  • Oaklabs
  • Promega
  • PS Biotech
  • PCR Biosystems
  • Qiagen
  • Quanta BioSciences
  • Roche Life Sciences
  • Sigma Aldrich
  • TATAA Bioscience
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • VWR
  • Zymo Research

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