CozyHi™ Prestained Protein Ladder

highQu via Clent Life Science Cat.No.PRL0202Size: 200 applications


• Approximate protein molecular weight determination on denaturing gels
• Monitoring of electrophoresis process and Western transfer efficiency


• Room-temperature-stable ladders, always ready to use
• Sharp bands, bright colors


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highQu ready to use Prestained Protein Ladders are mixtures of highly recombinant proteins with coupled chomofores providing sharp protein bands and bright colors on denaturing polyacrylamide gels. The high ladder purity allows for exceptional stability and room shorm term temperature storage. Ladders are ready to be directly loaded on gels without any preparation or heating.  They provide sharp bands for approximate protein sizing and allow for monitoring of electrophoresis process and Western transfer efficiency. The Ladder is ready for loading. Mix the ladder well before the use. Take 3-5 µl of the ladder for a small size gel slot for electrophoresis. Use a bit less of the ladder (2-3 µl) for Western blots. Due to high amount of the protein in each ladder band, the ladder might show positive results in immunodetection of blots. However this is typically a result of unspecific hybridization.

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With headquarters in Germany and a rapidly growing distributor network reaching more than 15 countries, highQu supports life science worldwide by providing premium quality, outperforming products for PCR, real-time PCR, RT-PCR, electrophoresis and other molecular biology applications. highQu is determined to supply professionally simple products – minimum optimization, fast and easy procedures, short protocols, outstanding performance in both professional and student hands.

Clent Life Science is the authorized distributor of highQu premium tools for molecular biology in the United Kingdom.

Clent Life Science successfully serves researchers in life science throughout the UK for more than 5 years. The company works with a selected list of forward thinking suppliers to bring best products to the life science industry. The reagents and instruments of Clent Life Science are well documented for DNA extraction and PCR, HRM and bench top performance in molecular and cellular biology.