Market Analysis High Fidelity PCR, GC rich, Long PCR Enzymes and Master Mixes is available in different versions: free pdf versions for UK, US, Germany, editable academic country-specific versions and a professional version including all prices for 3 countries.

The world moves towards the increase of freely accessible scientific tools. In May world leaders announced an initiative which asserts that European scientific papers should be made freely available to all by 2020. Science is significantly accelerated with a growing number of freely accessible scientific papers, useful and practical free product reviews or free application-tailored life science buying guides.
flash4science offers a broad selection of free scientific tools to ensure you reach your research goals faster. Explore them.

highQu, the provider of premium life science tools is known for the high-performance qPCR and one step RT-qPCR mixes. New ORA™ SEE qPCR mixes have been recently introduced to supplement the qPCR reagent palette with an added convenience product.

With flash4science, all researchers benefit from attractive weekly offers and big savings! flash4science is the world’s first flash sales and daily deal platform for the life science market.
Global life science suppliers join us to present their weekly lab saving and sampling deals. Scientists in UK, Germany and the US profit from great life science saving offers with all advantages of consolidated ordering of different products and services.

flash4science and partners offer unique saving and sampling deals for life science research laboratories in the UK, USA, and Germany. Check out our top scientific offers this week that your laboratory cannot afford to miss out.

A guide into troubleshooting guides for SDS-PAGE protein electrophoresis. One-dimensional (1D) Denaturing protein electrophoresis is a well-established and routine method in many labs dedicated to checking protein expression levels, helping to determine the size of the protein, and essential when preparing for Western blots. Still, getting non-smiling sharp and accurate gel images is an art.

>14 life science suppliers, >100 transfection reagents, >290 catalogue product sizes with prices for UK, USA, Germany. Detailed analysis of complete lipid or polymer based biochemical in vitro transfection reagent portfolios of such market leaders as Agilent Technologies, Bio-Rad Laboratories, GE/Dharmacon, Merck Millipore, Promega, Qiagen, Roche Life Sciences, Sigma-Aldrich, Clontech/Takara Bio, Thermo Fisher Scientific; as well as smaller companies focused on transfection reagents such as Mirus Bio, Polyplus, OZ Biosciences and Lipocalyx.

ExiPrep™ 16 Plus multifunctional laboratory system has been designed for an extraction of nucleic acids from a variety of biological samples and for purification of His-tagged recombinant proteins. The instrument purifies 16 samples in a single run from various materials such as tissue, cell culture, whole blood, serum, plasma, swab, bacteria, yeast, etc.

Scientists decide what they want to see in flash4science portfolio and can drive the sale in life science. If you use a lot of Taq DNA Polymerase from a company A, tones of DNA Ladders from a company B and hundreds of NA Purification Kits from a company C, you will definitely be happy to get them all for 50% less within a single order.
flash4science is there to make your laboratory purchasing processes easy and fast as well as to save up to 50% of your research budget.

highQu, the German provider of premium life science research tools collaborates with flash4science and presents great saving offers for researchers in Germany, in the US and in United Kingdom (via UK distributor Clent Life Science). With headquarters in Germany and a rapidly growing distributor network reaching more than 15 countries, a young but experienced company highQu supports life science worldwide by providing premium quality, outperforming products for PCR, real-time PCR, RT-PCR, electrophoresis and other molecular biology applications.

How to get sufficient research financing and to win more time for your science? Better funding and an optimized planning of course help. But what can you do yourself? What is in your hands?
Ordering laboratory reagents occupies a big part of your time and postpones your experiments? You can shape your ordering process by using scientific ecommerce solutions that save your time.

Save up to 50% on selected products for your lab with the best offers by leading and rising life science brands. Explore the life science A to Z sale for research laboratories in Germany, UK and the United States. Buy products or take free samples and discount coupons from many suppliers within a single order.

The time given to finish your research project is limited. Same is the laboratory budget. Shorter turnaround times, higher productivity as well as reduced spending are frequently painful topics in research organizations. Scientists are like artists, limitations block their ideas and creativity. flash4science might become a useful tool for scientists in Germany, UK and the US helping to reduce budget spending and to gain more time for research.

Best-in-class reagents for PCR. Don't miss out on PCR Biosystems offers at flash4science. Limited time sampling and saving deals are valid in UK, Germany and the United States.
PCR Biosystems offers a range of best-in-class kits and reagents for PCR and related technologies. By combining enhanced polymerases with highly-developed reaction buffers and novel hot-start chemistry PCR Biosystems is leading the development of PCR with reagents that maximize yield and sensitivity.

Detailed life science market analyses became affordable for any budget. All of you can make a use of our unique, economical, compact and practical life science market reports:
- Market Analysis of in vitro Transfection Reagents for DNA, RNA and protein delivery
- Market Analysis High Fidelity PCR, GC rich, Long PCR Enzymes and Master Mixes

flash4science provides great money & time saving opportunities for every research lab in Germany, UK and the US - consolidated ordering of life science tools offered for the best price.
Different life science vendors present their saving offers or samples/demos at flash4science

Array-to-Go by OakLabs allows to analyze all relevant genes of a pathway, a biological process or a disease with up to 2,000 genes of interest as sensitiv as by qPCR.
To ensure this sensitivity, a proprietary lab protocol is perfectly aligned to a proven probe design in the Array-to-Go service. Each Array-to-Go is compiled of the best performing probe for each gene that underwent a strict selection procedure.

Though PCR/qPCR is an excellent choice for pathogen detection, loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) together with other methods of isothermal DNA amplification frequently provide same or more sensitive, faster and more economical alternative for pathogen detection.
Isothermal amplification techniques such as LAMP or RCA (rolling cycle amplification) with a speed of 5-10 minutes are much faster than PCR and they do not require temperature changes, thus expensive PCR cyclers. The isothermal reaction is so efficient that amplification products can be seen even by eye. The simplicity of isothermal amplification makes LAMP a method of choice for rapid detection of various pathogens with levels of sensitivity and specificity approaching those of complex and expensive methods.

Featured offers this week: Exclusive free sample of an Isothermal Master Mix for even 50 amplification reactions offered to you by OptiGene. 100 % discount for 500 Euro value Premium PLUS Expression Kit by CellFree Sciences to test famous wheat germ cell-free protein expression system. Fee version of Market Analysis-Buying Guide for High Fidelity PCR

Optimizing microbial fermentation to make the right choice of the best strain for industrial bio production can be a challenging and time consuming process with a high risk of a failure. Smart solutions dedicated to reduce hands-on-time and to minimize error rates do not just save time and money. They create space for new discoveries and opportunities in industrial bio production.
PS Biotech is Germany´s innovative developer and producer of polymer-release system Feed Plate® for the cultivation of microorganism. The plates are designed for an easy, rapid and reliable individualized optimization of microbial fermentation processes.

flash4science works to increase a selection of freely accessible tools for life science researchers. Free samples for various molecular biology applications from different life science suppliers; Market Analysis-Buying Guide for High Fidelity PCR; free online tool FIND Lab Savings to see all saving offers from a variety of life science suppliers in one place.

flash4science remains the world's unique e-commerce platform selling products and services for life science research and biotechnology in a way of flash sale and daily deals with up to 50% discount. Within a single order, scientists in UK, USA and Germany can buy different products, services as well as order multiple free samples or free discount coupons from various life science vendors partnering with flash4science.

flash4science is proud to offer a broad selection of unique freely available scientific tools to ensure you reach your research goals faster.
Our focus this week is: gene expression analysis services, isothermal DNA amplification and high fidelity PCR. You have a good choice supported by our partners. Here is the list of top 5 free life science tools your lab should not miss out:

Lab Automation & Robotics 2016 is an industry forum where lab professionals and engineers can share best practice and innovations in this fast moving field.
Robotics engineering in the laboratory, novel hardware, components, software, robotics automation, changing standards and case studies will be addressed in both lectures and round table discussions.

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