Today’s molecular biology procedures are shortened to as little steps as possible. Life science suppliers provide more and more products adapted for a fast workflow with minimized pipetting steps and shortest protocols. Scientists enjoy rapid kits that speedy lead to desired research results.  

Fewer steps for purchasing are also achievable with flash4science! Samples and products from multiple suppliers in a single-click order simplify and accelerate your life science supplies.

flash4science presents minimum-step offers from leading and rising life science suppliers – handy products and rapid kits for molecular biology with up to 50% discounts:

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Login or register, to see all offers and prices in your country. Choose products from flash sales, free flash coupons, free flash samples or long-term deals offers and order them within a few clicks.

Something missing for your workflow? Invite your supplier to join us and we will organize the best deals for your lab.

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Image  by Stig Nygaard  / CC BY 2.0

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