To be sure you are using the best-performing product you try many of them first, don’t you? At flash4science we do not only sell products with high discounts from our partners; the best tools we give away for free.

flash4science is the fastest way to get free samples and demos from different suppliers in a single order. This week we have 10 and more ways to tune your science; try and include them into your workflow.

Offers valid in Germany:

Offers valid in UK:

  • Samples of self-healing hydrogel PGmatrix for easy and accurate 3D cell culture
  • Samples of PCRBIO Ultra Polymerase, it amplifies all you need - long, GC/AT rich, low abundance or impure templates
  • qPCR mixes for probe or dye-based detection

Image  by Col Ford and Natasha de Vere  / CC BY 2.0

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