flash4science together with PepGel present an attractive offer for all scientists working with eukaryotic cells. Discover the advantages of the cell culture in 3D made with an innovative hydrogel PGmatrix.

The 50% discount offer for PGmatrix DMEM Research Kit 6ml is valid in Germany, UK and USA for a limited time.

PGmatrix is a novel self-healing hydrogel that easily transforms into a liquid, and just as easily transforms back into gel. The mechanical strength of the hydrogel presents a special shear-thinning and rapid recovery property, which allows this hydrogel system to be delivered as an injectable material by syringe or pipette multiple times.

Unlike traditional 3D cell culture systems, PGmatrix requires no complicated steps for preparation, no pre-chilled gel solutions and no toxic cross-linking reagents. It is incredibly easy to use, and allows you to get accurate results faster.

That’s the real difference between the past and the future of cellomics and tissue engineering.

What can you do with PGmatrix? A lot:

PepGel was recently listed among 20 most promising biotech solution providers by CIOReview, and selected as one of 2015 Ingenuity Award winners for diversity, innovation and inventiveness in their technology, products or processes.

Take a chance to try their novel technology for your advanced applications.

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