5 things scientists shouldn’t worry about

There are enough things you worry about in your lab every day. Will you get good PCR or cDNA synthesis results? Will ordered competent cells arrive in time? Or will you fit into your research budget with all ideas you want to test.

Keeping control in your hands for all those things reduces concerns. Would you worry about the qPCR results so much if you set all controls right? Would you worry about the reagents you ordered, if they come from your long time trustworthy supplier? Much less, or?

Imagine one gives you a tool to eliminate some of your research related worries. You lose nothing with exception of 1 minute for subscription, but win a lot every week from now.

Take a great saving and information tool into your hands end eliminate your worries about too high spending, or too much time wasted for ordering and life science supplies.

Here are at least 5 things you will win with flash4science and partners and will not need to worry about:

  • You will not lose time for searching for suppliers and discounts, as flash4science presents weekly saving offers from leading & rising life science brands in Germany, UK and the US.
  • You will have more time for science due to consolidated ordering/invoicing from multiple suppliers within a few clicks
  • You will double the scope and opportunities of your research with weekly  >50% savings on science supplies
  • You will be free to choose the best performing tools and reagents with our free exclusive samples/demos and discount coupons
  • All products are shipped and serviced by your supplier, so there are no worries about long shipments or unknown service providers

As easy as that: Login or register, to see all offers and prices in your country. Choose products from flash sales, flash coupons, flash samples or long-term deals offers and order them within a few clicks. All products will be shipped directly by your supplier within a few days.

Something missing for your workflow? Invite your supplier to join us.

Your wanted deal is not available in your country? Contact us to get it.

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Image  by University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment  / CC BY 2.0

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