6 ways to save thousands in your lab’s research budget

Together with global life science suppliers, flash4science delivers exclusive saving and sampling offers into your research lab every week. With us your lab’s spending can be optimized to get much more research opportunities. Weekly updated discount offers of our partners in flash sales and long-term deals will save up to 50% of your research budget.

Featured offers this week that you shouldn’t miss out:

  1. Exclusive free sample of an Isothermal Master Mix for even 50 amplification reactions offered to you by OptiGene.

  2. 100 % discount for 500 Euro value Premium PLUS Expression Kit by CellFree Sciences to test famous wheat germ cell-free protein expression system.

  3. Take your free version of Market Analysis-Buying Guide for High Fidelity PCR.

  4. Order free samples for various molecular biology applications such as PCR, qPCR, cloning or electrophoresis from multiple suppliers in a single order.

  5. Use our free online tool FIND Lab Savings to see all saving offers from a variety of life science suppliers in one place.

  6. Publish your own research news, technology transfer opportunities in flash4science NEWS. Send us your news right now, we'll publish and promote your article in our social media channels for free.

Don't let the small research budget limit your science scope

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