A key to successful research: try and have a lot of tools to choose the right one!

We are not the ones to educate you about living successful lives, but we can advise on successful research. Scientists are very innovative people. But when it comes to a change of research tools they become conservative. Don’t be – you would never know, unless you tried. One short example for those who perform amplification of long and complex targets: it’s frequently problematic isn’t it? If you are experienced, you will know that even the best product can suddenly fail on some primer-template system. Conclusion: the more tools you have and try, the higher are your success rates every day!

This week you have a chance not only to try a new product for long and complex PCR, but also to get it for 50% less - PCRBIO Ultra Polymerase or Ultra Mix from PCR Biosystems will simplify your way to successful amplification!

You want to sequence the PCR product or to clone it successfully? It has to be clean. You will definitely succeed and save time by using precision filled gel filtration columns from emp BIOTECH. Why not to try, especially when they are offered for a good price or as free samples?

You are completely happy with current PCR and purification tools? Ok. But for sure you cannot resist buying the building blocks for daily amplification needs – the ultrapure nucleotides or ribonucleotides from the leading life science supplier Affymetrix/USB. 40% discount is the irresistible offer, you can do 40% more PCRs for the same money!

Variety of different tools is a key to successful research. flash4science is uniting biotech to make more good life science tools affordable for every budget.

Image  by Karol K (from "Crush It!" by Gary Vaynerchuk)  / CC BY-SA 2.0

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