For all researchers who explore the huge potential of a little zebrafish in life sciences, flash4science presents 20% saving deals for ArrayXS Zebrafish and Care-free package for gene expression analysis in zebrafish by OakLabs, one of the leading providers of tailor-made gene expression analysis.

In a short time, the high quality of OakLabs services has turned the young company into one of the most innovative and trustworthy service providers. OakLabs develops and grows in step with the evolving requirements of researchers and has released a novel solution ArrayXS Zebrafish optimized for gene expression analysis of Danio rerio, one of the most used model organisms in biomedical research.

OakLabs team promises not more than the outstanding quality of precisely optimized gene expression analysis fitting your Danio rerio research needs. “Forget microarrays you used before, they are likely to be out of date” – say experts at OakLabs.

ArrayXS Zebrafish is the newest gene expression analysis approach, developed on the basis of the latest genome assembly Zv9. Providing unparalleled quality; it is also more cost-efficient and extremely flexible.

To achieve the best possible outcome, OakLabs uses their proven MyArray strategy for optimized microarrays, delivering most informative results. In MyArray, only the best fitting most optimal oligonucleotides are carefully selected by test hybridization to be incorporated in to the arrays.

As a result, ArrayXS Zebrafish qualitatively represents the biggest gene pool of more than 48,000 coding genes and 5,000 non-coding genes of Danio rerio.

ArrayXS Zebrafish is at any time available at OakLabs.

20% off flash coupons ArrayXS Zebrafish and Care-free package for gene expression analysis in Zebrafish guaranty you the 20% discount when ordering from OakLabs.


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Image  by Arne Hendriks  / CC BY 2.0

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