Beauty of life science: turning complexity into simplicity

How far, you think, is the day when the whole family makes fast gene expression test before breakfast or goes to bed only after “scanning and disabling” all bacteria and viruses that might harm. The question is do we want it like that…Science can a lot, but having a choice and making the right one is up to us.

Enough philosophy, we actually want to sell something, so let’s go back to the lab.

We are used to fast & easy laboratory tools making the job in a couple of minutes what a few years ago was taking weeks to complete. It’s because somebody before us has turned complexity into simplicity, isn’t it? This is the beauty of science; making impossible possible and turning difficult into easy.

At flash4science we have both to offer this week: fast tools for PCR and NA or protein purification as well as the complex analysis which will be turned into understandable results.

Offers in Germany:

  • From RNA to data in just 2 weeks – 20% discount for Gene Expression Analysis Service from OakLabs
  • Nucleid acid or protein purification in a couple of easy steps – columns from emp BIOTECH in sale and as free samples
  • PCR results faster - with enzymes and mastermixes from PCR Biosystems
  • Prealiquoted in plates lyophilized RT/PCR premixes from BIONEER

Offers in UK:

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