Best bioproduction results with a well balanced diet for microorganisms

Optimizing microbial fermentation to make the right choice of the best strain for industrial bio production can be a challenging and time consuming process with a high risk of a failure. Smart solutions dedicated to reduce hands-on-time and to minimize error rates do not just save time and money. They create space for new discoveries and opportunities in industrial bio production.

PS Biotech is Germany´s innovative developer and producer of polymer-release system Feed Plate® for the cultivation of microorganism. The plates are designed for an easy, rapid and reliable individualized optimization of microbial fermentation processes.

Applications of Feed Plate®

  • Growths & monitoring of eukaryotic cultures such as yeast and fungi
  • Growths & monitoring of bacterial cultures
  • High throughput protein expression screening
  • Development and scale-up of bio production processes

Benefits of Feed Plate®

  • Ready-to-use microorganism cultivation plates with immobilized nutrients
  • Flexible substrate & format selection
  • Reliable & reproducible results
  • Time & cost saving workflow

Feed Plate® product range offers a novel solution for a fed-batch feeding of a broad spectrum of microorganisms such as fungi, yeast and bacterial cultures in microliter scale. Small scale cultivation in Feed Plate® with slow nutrient release provides a reliable selection of the best microorganism strain for a successful bioprocess scale-up.

With Feed Plate® such difficulties of bio processes like the Crabtree effect in yeast, the overflow metabolism or catabolite repression in E.coli can be easily avoided. The side products of microbial fermentation such as amylases or proteases do not interfere with the Feed Plate® system.

The plates are used on standard laboratory equipment and thus can be easily integrated into the established cultivation protocols. Each Feed Plate® is delivered as a ready-to-use tool, sterile and individually packed for maximum safety and convenience.

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Nutrients such as glucose, fructose or yeast extract are included in each well of proprietary ready-to-use Feed Plate® cultivation plates; and are slowly released through diffusion from a special polymer matrix which is immobilized at the bottom of the plate. The ability of Feed Plate® to meet optimal nutrition demands of the specific microorganism creates optimal growth and fermentation conditions. The proprietary polymer matrix ensures gradual release of a wide range of crystalline substances such as glucose, fructose or lactose and does not involve any enzymes-driven processes. The plates are robust and sustain high quality during storage eliminating concerns in case of temperature fluctuations.

FeedPlate Principle












Feed Plate® enable the generation of precise, process-near conclusions during high throughput screening resulting in an optimized scale-up process of bio production. Synchronization of physiological conditions in screening and production leads to reliable high quality results of microbial fermentation.

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The article was prepared using material provided by PS Biotech

Image  by PS Biotech

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