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As of tomorrow, 10th of March, flash4science presents deals for protein purification from Cube Biotech for German, US, and UK researchers.

Cube Biotech is a company based in Germany producing high-quality affinity chromatography matrices  used in protein purification. In addition to standard products such as best-in-class Ni-NTA, Glutathione and Rho1D4 agaroses and magnetic beads, we offer a range of pre-activated matrices for coupling of specific ligands, as well as a full custom resin synthesis service.
Cube Biotech is also a provider for protein expression, purification, and crystallization services, focusing on the pharmaceutically relevant class of membrane proteins. Our services are complemented by project-specific affinity chromatography matrices to offer a unique solution.

Register today, to get best-in class agarose matrix samples for your protein purification tomorrow.

Image  by Cube Biotech


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Ute Boronowsky - 9 March 2015

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