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As of tomorrow, 14th of April, flash4science presents an exclusive saving deal (50% off) for premium membership at DiaDome, the unique online market and communication platform for B2B and B2C businesses in the field of diagnostics.

Every aspect of today's reality is mirrored in the online world. This is true especially when speaking about social networks which, startlingly, are becoming the preferred environment for social interaction. The rise in popularity of such social networks has created many opportunities for a variety of specialized sites to spring up. At the same token, a niche has been left open in the diagnostic online community, which we are confident will be filled with DiaDome professional social network.

DiaDome combines the ease of online communications of a social network with all features necessary for a professional business interaction. It serves as a network within the field of diagnostics (clinical, food and feed and veterinary). Amongst its many innovative features lies the key to its uniqueness: DiaDome replaces profiles of individuals prominent in every social network already in existence and instead allows companies and institutions to create professional profiles of their organizations as a whole. Such approach eliminates individual interests and allows companies and institutions to focus on the interests of the organization and its existence in the diagnostic field.

The DiaDome network, with its ease of navigating, reliability and usefulness of offered features, will be the ‘go to’ tool of today’s diagnostic community.

DiaDome is a new worldwide professional social network site for companies, associations, institutions and all other members of the field of medical diagnostics. It enables diagnostic institutions and related partners to build and enlarge their international business network and supports their international business network development. DiaDome consists of and combines three different special interest networks (divided by field of diagnostics), each sub-network outlined by a different color scheme, as follows:

  1. DiaDome Clinical  (red)
  2. DiaDome Food & Feed (yellow)
  3. DiaDome Veterinary (green)

Each sub network is distinguished by a different color; however, all functions within the sub networks remain the same.

Join DiaDome and become an active part of the diagnostics community!


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