Most likely you have less sales reps visiting your lab those days, and you can focus on science rather than on long sales talks. But at the other hand you miss a lot. You are not getting introduced to new suppliers, new techniques and new products.

flash4science is here all the time, 24/7. Take a moment to go through saving offers of our partners and choose best products or free samples to try new techniques. Use this time to learn and to broaden your horizons of life science supplies.

flash4science is an exclusive life science marketplace providing to researchers best products and services from valued biotech suppliers at unbeatable prices. It is the world’s first biotech webshop offering time-limited live deals from both well-established and new brands for the life science community. Being valuable members of our exclusive marketplace, scientists have more time to focus on research rather than on searching for suppliers, products and for budget saving opportunities.

  • All life science brands affordable for all budgets 
  • Newest trends and new suppliers in life science at a glance
  • Great savings for the lab all year long
  • Free discount coupons to shop the brand
  • Free exclusive samples/demos to try new products
  • Saved time due to consolidated ordering and invoicing - multiple suppliers at once
  • High quality online shopping experience
  • Attractive bonus program for even greater savings

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Image  by Luis Hernandez  / CC BY 2.0

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