What is the world’s best PCR enzyme? Life science suppliers might try to convince you they have one, but the reality and your own experience with hundreds of PCRs shows that the best polymerase in the world does not exist.

Important is that you find the best enzyme for your specific PCR application. As soon as you change template-primers system or get a different task, like switching to multiplex PCR, or working with GC richer templates, you might need to look for the next best enzyme or PCR master mix.

The same about cloning, electrophoresis or any other application of molecular biology; there are a lot of excellent research tools in the market, but the best reagents can hardly exist due to the huge variety of research fields and objects. You always need to find the one fitting your lab needs.

That’s why sampling and saving offers are so important for PCR, qPCR, or any other field of life science research. They keep your research moving and help to find the best reagents, kits and enzymes for each new application or project.

Communication within a network of experts is especially important for a success in a scientific world. PCRdrive is the unique online platform for all PCR workflows. Scientists use it to share PCR-related experience, to exchange PCR protocols, to optimize PCR workflows and to solve problems together. Join PCRdrive to digitalize and accelerate your PCR.

Use flash4science saving and sampling offers to find your best tools easier. Within a single order, in a few clicks buy products/services as well as order multiple free samples or free discount coupons from various vendors partnering with flash4science. Login or register, to see all offers and prices in your country. All products will be shipped directly by your supplier within a few days.

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Image  by Sergei Golyshev  /  CC BY 2.0

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