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About Bioline

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in London, UK., Bioline is an evolving international company, which develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of specialized bio-research reagents that simplify, accelerate and improve life sciences research.

Our mission is to provide customers with a range of products which are fast and easy to use, guaranteed to work and developed by scientists who understand what our customers are trying to achieve so they can focus on their scientific goals. At Bioline, we constantly strive to improve and to deliver high quality products which are the result of our strong commitment and investment in science. We operate as one multi-cultural global team with strong values. We are committed to succeed and passionate to achieve our goals, and we work diligently to bring complete solutions to our customers.

Bioline reagents are used by molecular biologists and other research scientists to perform test-assays and research in many fields from medical, biotechnology and marine biology to food and agriculture technology as well as forensic and environmental sciences, where life scientists have come to depend upon the outstanding quality and reliability of our reagents.

As Bioline continues to evolve globally we aim to make the Bioline buying experience fast, easy and enjoyable for our customers and provide reagents that simplify, accelerate and improve life sciences research.

We strive to maintain close contact with our customers, key partners and collaborators to keep us at the forefront of new application areas and technologies providing feedback to our R&D groups and leading to new sustainable solutions for the bio-research reagents market.

Bioline is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and one of the world’s few manufacturers of ultra-pure dNTPs. Bioline is able to offer bulk, custom and OEM dNTP services for large labs carrying out multiple assays or to firms who wish to distribute Bioline dNTPs under their own label. We have developed and manufacture a portfolio of more than 300 reagents and kits, many of them proprietary, for molecular biology, cell analysis and nucleic acid and protein separation and purification.

Our core competencies and principal areas of activity in R&D and manufacturing encompass:

  • Real-Time PCR Kits
  • DNA Polymerases
  • Reverse Transcription
  • Cloning reagents
  • Nucleic Acid Isolations
  • Ultra-pure nucleotides
  • DNA and RNA MW markers
  • Competent cells
  • Essential reagents for molecular biology
  • Protein expression and purification   

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