Don’t look for lab savings, let them find you

How to get more time for your science and better financing for your research? What is in your hands?

Ordering of laboratory reagents occupies a big part of your time and postpones your experiments. You can shape your ordering process by using scientific ecommerce solutions that save your time.

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1# Shape your purchasing process

Order more products, free samples and services via a single platform: many products and samples from different life science suppliers in a few clicks. You’ll need just one account, and you’ll get just one invoice. How much time do you think it saves? Invite all your suppliers to become partners of such a platform.


2# Don’t waste your time for discount search, let the discount find you

Calling life science suppliers, comparing prices, searching for the best offer? These are your time-killers you have to accept when trying to fit into the limited budget. What if flash4science does the job for you? Best saving offers from leading and rising life science vendors all year long. New offers introduced every week. The only thing you have to do is to subscribe to flash4science newsletter to be weekly informed.


3# Don’t overpay for laboratory reagents, equipment and consumables

It is always worth checking current deals from variety of life science suppliers at flash4science before placing an order. The product you need may be offered with 50% discount here. Keep a track on best prices, check best offers in your country by just logging into your flash4science account.


4# Keep trying new products and laboratory techniques

Having one favorite jacket in your closet is maybe OK. But having one favorite PCR enzyme or one favorite qPCR master mix means you are standing still while the progress is moving by. Do not miss new products; request free samples. Keep asking for equipment demos. Trying new products brings your research forward.


5# Start now, not later

Contribute to a mission of uniting biotech. Together we can create a place where scientists reduce their spending and save time to achieve much more in their research.


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Image  by Petr Kratochvil  / CC0 1.0

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