flash4science introduces two new partners, Biosan and Kleinfeld Labortechnik, that offer laboratory equipment deals this week.

Biosan is a well-known innovative producer and developer of modern instruments for life science, diagnostic and medical laboratories. Being for more than 20 years in the market Biosan has created a range of innovative multifunctional instruments for sample mixing, centrifugation, thermostating, cell cultivation, boxes for work with DNA, devices for biosafety, thermostatic control, spectrophotometry and fluorometry. All products are produced under the ISO 9001:2009 directives, meet EMS requirements and have CE certificate.

Biosan products in Germany are sold and serviced by Kleinfeld Labortechnik.

Kleinfeld Labortechnik, the distributor of Biosan in Germany, is a well-established German supplier of laboratory instruments and consumables for researchers. The 40 years of experience and success in the market of life science, pharma and food industry proves the Kleinfeld Labortechnik being a trustworthy partner taking a good care of your lab supplies.

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