Exclusive OptiGene sampling offer for LAMP - tomorrow at flash4science

Exclusive OptiGene free sample offer as of tomorrow at flash4science for scientists in UK and Germany - Isothermal Master Mix for the best loop mediated isothermal DNA amplification (LAMP) results. Even 50 reactions free of charge. The number of free samples is limited, register today to get your sample tomorrow.

OptiGene was established with the primary goal of providing the highest quality instrumentation and performance-leading reagents to support isothermal amplification of DNA and RNA.  The market pull for this venture came from the growing demands around the world for field testing, rapid results and point-of-care diagnostics.

OptiGene has developed innovative products that support sensitive and specific detection of bacteria and viruses for use in the fields of plant health, food safety, veterinary medicine, environmental monitoring and healthcare.  Bio-defence and forensics are also key markets that OptiGene addresses, either directly or through its growing network of international distributors.  The company has exploited its expertise in both instrument design and enzymology to develop a sophisticated open platform that will support all isothermal amplification methods.  Ultra-sensitive molecular detection that has been constrained to laboratory use by highly-qualified personnel and taking hours to complete can now be deployed to point of application and run with very little training, producing results in single minutes.

The Genie II instrument is the flagship product of OptiGene and has been in full production since the spring of 2011.  Genie II is now found in a variety of diagnostic settings around the world.  It is supported by specially-designed plastic strips that have lockable caps and that are easy to handle.  Enzymes are available in the form of several master mixes that feature combinations of high-speed operation, inherent RT activity and thermostability.  A continuous programme of development is maintained at OptiGene in order to satisfy the evolving demands of its customers and the wider market.  New instruments are planned that will include a smaller device that will suit on-site use and more sophisticated optical arrangements that can support multiplexed assays.  Improvements in the company’s enzymes are on-going with faster and more stable master mixes planned for release.  OptiGene can also offer to develop variants of its products on behalf of OEM customers and these can adopt the customer’s corporate branding and include special features.

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The James Hutton Institute

Free sample please

Vivian Blok - 29 June 2016

we are trying LAMP for a nematode assay and would like to try the Optigene master mix

looks promising

Vivian Blok - 30 June 2016

please simply order the sample in our shop

Dear Vivian,
Please just order the product or sample of interest in our shop.
However, we have just informed the supplier about your interest in Isothermal Master Mix, and we believe you will be soon contacted by OptiGene.
But for the next time, just make sample/product orders in our shop, it is fast and easy, you should just try :)
Thank you!

Admin - 4 July 2016

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