Flash sale, thanks to flash4science, became a useful laboratory supplies tool for life science researchers in US, UK and Germany.

In contrary to various flash sale or deal-of-the day platforms selling clothing, jewelry or furniture, flash4science is unique, as it is made for science keeping in mind the complexity of laboratory supplies and understanding the needs of researchers. What makes us science-specific? flash4science follows the rules of life science:

  • Orders at flash4science are processed as fast as scientists are used to.

You do not have to wait weeks for products to arrive. Flash sales, flash samples, outlet products ordered at flash4science are shipped as fast as elsewhere in life science. Your lab does not have to change your ordering habits.

  • Products are shipped directly by the life science supplier, as fast as usual.

flash4science does not resell, it mediates. We do not waste your time and do not pollute nature with unnecessary packaging and additional cooled shipments.

  • Customer support and technical service for scientists is provided without mediation - by your supplier directly.

You keep in touch with experts and teams you know and trust. But if you need our help, we are always there. flash4science has experienced scientists on board who can provide you technical support.

  • Every life science brand may potentially offer saving deals via flash4science.

If not today, then maybe next week your lab’s favorite life science supplier may present 50% off at flash4science for the most used molecular biology product in your lab. Before you place your next order, it is worth to take a minute to subscribe to our newsletter to be weekly informed about the exclusive flash4science discounts.

  • There are many lab tools available for free at flash4science!

You can order multiple flash samples from different suppliers in a single order free of charge or take your free flash coupon that your lab can use to buy discounted products from the supplier directly.

Every week we present new deals, they depend on suppliers and their portfolios. Different products can be presented weekly; from PCR reagents and consumables to antibodies or laboratory instruments.

  • Life science saving offers at flash4science are valid for two weeks.

Your laboratory has enough time to process orders internally. Want deals that are longer valid? Tell us and we will adapt to your needs.

  • Offers of different suppliers will save up to 50% of your research budget:
  1. Gene Expression Analysis
  2. DNA Purification
  3. PCR
  4. cDNA synthesis, RT PCR
  5. Ligation and Cloning
  6. qPCR
  7. Protein Desalting

 and more...

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