GeneDireX saving offers as of tomorrow in US

As of 10th of February, 2015, flash4science starts flash sale and deal-of-the-day offers for life science researchers in United States. New suppliers join us continuously to present their best products and services for researchers in UK, Germany and United States.

GeneDireX, the owner of Taiwan Biotechnology Great Award and Golden Peak Award, joins flash4science and starts their saving offers for scientists in United States tomorrow.

About GeneDireX

At GeneDireX, we produce molecular biology reagents of highest quality. Our principal products include DNA and Protein Ladders, Gel Staining Reagents, Nucleic Acid Purification Systems, Molecular Biology Reagents, Lab Consumables, and Custom Services with exceptional stability at the ambient temperature.

Ever since the introduction of the brand, GeneDireX, in 2007, we have focused on providing innovative products to the scientific community worldwide. Our primary objective is to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to provide research tools that are of high quality, affordable and easy to use.
New products and services are added to the GeneDireX family every year to further improve the research capabilities of our customers.


Precise aliquoting of our products is performed by skilled professionals in sterile conditions with the state-of-the-art equipment.


Perdurable first-class materials are used for GeneDireX product labels. Each label is applied with intimate care and high precision.


Products are packaged into different vial sizes according to the customer’s needs and convenience. Only high quality screw-cap tubes are used. Light sensitive reagents are packaged into amber vials to avoid damage.

Quality control

Every product goes through strict quality control procedures according to our ISO9001:2008-complied management systems in order to guarantee superior and consistent performance of our products.


GeneDireX has a growing worldwide network of dedicated distributors. Our distributors share our high standards in service and technical support.


All GeneDireX products are shipped at the ambient temperature – a very environment-friendly approach when compared to shipping on dry ice. Product orders are sent out within three to five business days, using the courier services most suitable for the client.

Environment and Transportation-Friendly

Ambient temperature stability not only eliminates the degradation concern during transportation but also reduces shipping and disposal costs of expensive insulation packagings, making the product friendly to the environment and user’s budget.

The Award

GeneDireX have won the Taiwan Biotechnology Great Award for 2012 and Golden Peak Award for 2013. Both of them are the most famous prizes for Biotechnology in Taiwan. May our unremitting endeavor in the Biotechnology go on with undiminished vigor.

Image  by GeneDireX

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