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Genomic Applications of qPCR, dPCR & NGS


Thursday, 26 May 2016 - Friday, 27 May 2016



Select Biosciences South East Asia is pleased to present Genomic Applications of qPCR, dPCR & NGS. Having successfully run previous events in Boston, Frankfurt, Daejeon, Barcelona and Singapore, we will increase the scope of the event for 2016 to include the latest advances in Next-Gen Sequencing.  

The comprehensive meeting will focus on new developments in qPCR technology, concentrating on improvements to qPCR design, the acquisition of accurate data, and efficient data analysis. Particular emphasis will also be given to the use of qPCR in Cancer diagnosis and the use of dPCR in the clinic, covering applications such as infectious disease diagnostics and cancer detection. 

We will examine the latest developments in sequencing platforms and methods. Focus will be given to RNA sequencing, as well as emerging clinical applications of NGS. Presentations will also highlight the use of bioinformatics and data analysis. In addition to the extensive conference program, we will also be holding a pre-conference Training Workshop in conjunction with TATAA Biocenter, Sweden.  

We are pleased to introduce the following highly distinguished experts who comprise the Organising Committee for 2016 

  • Michael Pfaffl, Professor, Technical University Munich
  • Mikael Kubista, CEO/Founder TATAA Biocenter, Professor Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences 
  • Fred Kramer, Professor, New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers University 
  • Olivier Thas, Professor in Biostatistics & Honorary Professor, Ghent University & University of Wollongong, Australia 
  • David Ruff, Principal Scientist, Fluidigm Corporation
  • Alexander Lezhava, Group Leader, Genome Institute Singapore (GIS)

Attending this meeting will provide you with an excellent opportunity for networking with the world’s leading experts, helping you to find unique solutions and build long term collaborations.


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