How important for your purchasing decision is the knowledge about the life science company? Life science market leaders invest years and millions in their brands. But does the brand image influence you when you are about to decide between a dozen of Taq DNA Polymerases or qPCR cyclers?

What really matters? Facts and emotions related to the company that you gained over the time from different sources? Performance of the product (either your own or colleagues’ experience) is the rational factor that comes first. And the customer service experience is the emotional one but not ignorable. What about a price? Well, yes, when the first two parameters are met, then it comes to a price for a value.

flash4science has collected some more facts to assist you in making purchasing decision.

Did you know that…

  • BIONEER the leading Korean life science company has high throughput oligo synthesis facilities around the world and their daily oligonucleotide, siRNA and gene synthesis capacity and value for a price is unsurpassed. Launched a couple of year ago, Bioneer's ExiProgen™ Automated Protein Expression & Purification Instrument was the world’s first fully automated system for synthesis of functional proteins or enzymes, biosimilars or therapeutic antibodies.

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  • PCR Biosystems has developed a novel hot-start chemistry for maximized PCR yield and sensitivity. Their PCR enzymes and master mixes are successfully used in most challenging PCR applications on both common and fast cyclers.

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  • emp BIOTECH is a primary manufacturer of solid phases for purification of proteins or nucleic acids committed to the philosophy that “emp” stands for: excellence – made perfect. That is why their proprietary purification columns shape the understanding of “pure” in proteomics and genomics.

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  • Numerous pharma, biotech, medical and microbiology research institutions and companies worldwide order gene expression analysis services and microarrays only in Germany at OakLabs because of the well-proven highest value results.

Check OakLabs offers in Germany and the US


  • highQu provides professionally simple premium research tools - even complex qPCR or cloning procedures fit into professionally made quick protocols shortened for your maximum convenience and outstanding results.

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