How precision makes you a better scientist

Precision is a synonym for quality, it is what distinguishes life science products from each other and what makes your science faster and successful.

What do we sell you this week under the umbrella of precision? Not much, but the best and for less than you expect. Most of the offers are even for free!

  • High end gene expression analysis services from OakLabs enabling you to see precise results of your science. Free discount coupons in Germany.
  • Precision filled columns for protein or nucleic acid purification from emp BIOTECH giving you guaranty that your valuable samples will be precisely cleaned. Free samples and flash sale in Germany.
  • Precisely prefilled lyophilized PCR mastermixes in plates from BIONEER (via bts) eliminating any aliquoting errors from your PCR. Free samples and flash sale in Germany.
  • Precisely optimized PCR Mastermixes from PCR Biosystems saving your time for optimization. Free samples and outlet offer in Germany and United Kingdom.
  • Background- free real time PCR achievable with mastermixes from a premium brand highQu. Flash sale in Germany and United Kindom.

That’s precision in every step of your research.  Your right decisions and well-chosen precise tools make you a better scientist.

Image  by gabontour  / CC BY-SA 2.0

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