How slow is the process of life science supplies?

We understand how time-consuming and complicated your lab reagent supply processes are. There are a lot of suppliers on the lists; you always have to get a confirmation of your order from your supervisor, to search for best offers to follow the budget…and much more.

Do not waste time, use it better for science. With flash4science you get products from multiple suppliers, but have one order to process and a single invoice to pay.

Want to try something new, but your purchasers are conservative? You do not need any confirmation when something is for free, or? Order today free samples or take some free coupons offered by our partners!

Present the results that you have obtained with the free samples to your supervisor - there is no better way to convince!

Next time when ordering do not forget that at flash4science you can get your order confirmed by your supervisor while sitting at your PC: just put products/samples/coupons into your basket, and share it with your supervisor or purchasing department via email. They can order either directly online or via phone, email or fax.

Less time, effort and money for purchasing, more opportunities, success, focus for life science with flash4science and partners.

  • Up to 50% off all year long - more research opportunities within the same budget
  • Samples/products from multiple biotech suppliers – a single order to process

New offers of high quality products and different application coverage every week:

  • flash sales – weekly offers of discounted products, valid for two weeks
  • flash coupons – weekly offers of discount coupons, valid for two weeks
  • flash samples – weekly offers of exclusive samples/demos, valid for two weeks
  • outlet – multi-supplier shop with monthly arrivals, offers valid for 4 weeks
Start now and never miss attractive weekly offers in your country!

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Image  by Robin Hutton  / CC BY 2.0

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