How to prepare for year-end sale in life science

Year-end sale is a great opportunity for life science research laboratories to fill their stocks (for a good price!) with essential chemicals, plastic consumables, molecular biology reagents or laboratory instruments.

For life science suppliers it is a great way to…simply sell more.

flash4science assists both research and sales – we unite biotech and bring scientists and suppliers together. Shape your purchasing or sales processes with flash4science.

Sell and buy in 4 ways at flash4science: flash sales, flash coupons, flash samples, outlet.

All life science suppliers can offer their discounts via flash4science and reach out more customers in the US, UK and Germany.

Scientists benefit with flash4science all year long, they can buy limited-time discounted highest quality laboratory products from many biotech suppliers or order multiple free samples for evaluation within a single order.

End of year sale will be more convenient with flash4science. Prepare now and enjoy later:

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