Science is there to make things possible. Scientists rather ask questions than declare statements; and the conclusion of every experiment opens new challenges. Time and money are frequently the only limits. A well-organized lab routine frees the creativity of researchers.  flash4science is the right tool to accelerate your science.

Weekly updated saving offers of flash4science partners in flash sales and long-term deals eliminate your lab’s financial limits. Free of charge offers of flash discount coupons and free samples open new horizons for your science and creativity.

Ordering laboratory reagents, equipment or consumables from multiple suppliers became easier, faster and economical with flash4science:

  • up to 50% off for laboratory supplies all year long (Germany, UK, the US)
  • more research opportunities within the same budget
  • samples/products from multiple biotech suppliers – a single order to process
  • more time left for science due to all advantages of consolidated ordering
  • same effect with less effort – all products are shipped directly by your supplier

New offers and different life science application coverage every week:

  • flash sales – weekly offers of discounted products, valid for two weeks
  • flash coupons – weekly offers of discount coupons, valid for two weeks
  • flash samples – weekly offers of exclusive samples/demos, valid for two weeks
  • long-term deals – multi-supplier shop with monthly arrivals, offers valid for 4 weeks

Special offers this week:

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