Life science flash sale deals expand to USA

As of 10th of February, 2015, flash4science starts flash sale and deal-of-the-day offers for life science researchers in United States.

  • Our door is open for all biotech suppliers who want to present their offers to our continuously growing community of US scientists.
  • If not yet registered, scientists in United States are welcome to subscribe to a newsletter not to miss best saving offers right from the first day.

flash4science sells products and services for life science research and biotechnology in live deals with up to 50% discounts. Within a single order, scientists can buy up to 50% discounted products/services as well as order multiple free samples or free discount coupons from various vendors partnering with flash4science.

In 2014 the company was active in Germany and United Kingdom and has offered various deals from more than 10 different vendors (like Affymetrix/USB, PCR Biosystems, emp BIOTECH, Biosan and Kleinfeld Labortechnik, highQu, OakLabs, bts Biotech Trade and Service).

flash4science offers a product/service/free sample for a period of one to two weeks. Customers, scientists from governmental, educational organizations, researchers from life science, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors subscribe to a newsletter and receive online offers by email or in social networks (LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, google+). Ordered products are shipped directly from the supplier’s or its affiliate stocks.

Product offers at flash4science are sorted via specific applications  and presented in four deal-types:

  • flash sales – weekly offers of  highly discounted products/services from different suppliers
  • flash coupons – weekly offers of free discount coupons that can be used when ordering from different biotech suppliers
  • flash samples – weekly offers of free exclusive samples/demos of innovative products from various biotech suppliers
  • outlet – multi-supplier life science shop with outlet pricing, many suppliers in one place, offers valid for 1 month

The product palette of flash4science changes every week, and the variety depends on the suppliers of the week and their portfolios. Different products can be presented in weekly deals; from antibodies and siRNA to laboratory instruments like PCR cyclers.

Image  by John LeGear  / CC BY-SA 2.0

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