Life science in 3D? Why not? Offers from our suppliers for multiple dimensions of your research:

  • With the magic hydrogel PGmatrix from PepGel you can explore the cell culture in 3D!
  • Analyze zebrafish gene expression in all dimensions with microarrays from OakLabs.
  • Cloning and ligation can be faster than you with HighEnd™ Repair Kit and Rally™ Rapid Ligation Kit from highQu.
  • All-dimensional protein and NA purification with columns from emp BIOTECH.
  • Your protein gels and blots will look like high quality pictures with protein ladders from GeneDireX.
  • MiniBIS Pro bio imager from FroggaBio will make the best out of your gels.
  • Visualized and simplified PCR workflow with PCR Biosystems' HS Taq Mix Red.

…and more at flash4science this week. Number of items with high discount is limited, be faster than others.

Image  by JohnDdP  / CC BY 2.0

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