Life science tools you should keep in mind

flash4science works to increase a selection of freely accessible tools for life science researchers. They become especially useful at the end of the scientific year, when you are about to finish your projects and are looking how to spend the rest of the money for laboratory reagents, consumables or instruments.

You can order numerous free samples for various molecular biology applications from different life science suppliers at flash4science. It saves time, as there is only one account to log in and a single order you have to process.

In case high fidelity PCR is your daily routine, you can take your free version of Market Analysis-Buying Guide for High Fidelity PCR to have it as an excellent buying guide every time you want to choose the optimal polymerase or a master mix in terms of price, quality and performance. This PCR buying guide will save a lot of time and money for your laboratory.

Working with transfection? Save weeks for collecting the information about all the transfection reagents in the market and get a ready-to-use practical “Market analysis of in vitro transfection reagents for DNA, RNA and protein delivery” as an editable version in Microsoft Excel format for internal corporate use with the highest 88% discount.

Before you order something from other suppliers, do not forget to use our free online tool FIND Lab Savings to see all saving offers from a variety of life science suppliers in one place.

Want to get a better price for some reagent or laboratory instrument? But do not want to negotiate yourself? Explore our free online tool GET Lab Savings to get the price you want for the product you need. We will do the negotiation work, and you will save your project money.

Have something to share with a scientific community, but do not want to spend time and money for marketing? Use flash4science NEWS to publish your research news or technology transfer opportunities. Send us your news right now, we'll publish and promote your article in our social media channels for free.

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