Lipocalyx Viromer® transfection deals at flash4science

As of tomorrow, the 29th of September the Viromer® transfection company Lipocalyx developing and manufacturing new generation synthetic transfection reagents called Viromer® will offer transfection deals at flash4science. Exclusive sampling and saving offers will be valid in the US for a limited time.

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About Lipocalyx

The transfection company Lipocalyx develops and manufactures new generation proprietary synthetic transfection reagents called Viromer®

Viromer® are polymer based and mimic the natural viral endosome escape mechanism to enable an outstanding transfer of RNAs and DNA into various hard-to-transfect cells. In most of the cases, the transfection of hard-to-transfect cells with Viromer® gives superior results compared to other reagents available in the market.

Viromer® are compatible with the classical immortalized cancer cell lines widely used in cell biology. They are highly efficient, easy to use and non-toxic transfection reagents.

Innovative Lipocalyx transfection reagents substantially enhance transfection results by catalyzing the active escape from the endosome driven by a proprietary high-tech polymer that emulates a viral mechanism.

Proprietary Viromer® transfection technology has already convinced numerous research teams by providing superior transfection results on cell lines and primary cells that were thought to be impossible to transfect. With Viromer®, the highly-efficient and gentle transfection became possible for a wide range of hard-to-transfect cells, such as suspension cells, stem cells and primary cells.

Viromer® are purely chemical polymers and do not contain any material of biological origin, as well as they do not interfere with the cell metabolism.


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