Little steps direction Xmas: every 5th order comes with a gift!

Waiting for Christmas? Thinking about a small lab party? Little gifts for lab mates, sweet cookies as your coffee friends…

End of year research budget spending + Xmas fun =

Every 5th order (from 10 EUR/GBP) at in November is rewarded with the Gift Card.

  • The good thing is  - you can use it to order online anything you like to create a charming Xmas atmosphere in your laboratory coffee room.
  • The better thing is -  the gift comes literally with any order volume!
  • But the best thing is - you save your time, efforts and your budget money when ordering at flash4science!

Take a couple of minutes to register at and you can choose what you like for your laboratory research. 

Image  by  / CC BY-SA 2.0

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