More opportunities, success, focus for life science

flash4science saves time, effort and money; scientists gain more opportunities, success, focus for life science. Compare yourself! 



  • you need time to search for special offers from different suppliers
  • you have them all in one place
  • you do limit your science to keep the budget low
  • all brands are affordable for every budget
  • you make multiple orders, pay numerous invoices
  • multiple suppliers in one shop – 1 order, 1 invoice
  • you wait for Easter, Xmas, end of the year offers
  • great savings for the lab all year long
  • you spend time for long sales talks and tones of newsletters
  • 5 min give you an insight into all best offers
  • you have no time left to learn new brands and new products
  • keeps you up to date & flashes-up your science life
  • Purchasing processes are boring and time-consuming for scientists
  • freedom to choose and shape your processes

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