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At flash4science we are convinced about the importance of professional networks for scientists. Collaboration and sharing the knowledge in science have a huge impact on the progress.

Life Science Network (LSN) is one of the most modern projects in the field embracing the transparency and openness in the scientific process. The platform combines the ease of use with a broad functionality dedicated to a better science. Scientists, scientific organizations, life science companies and recruiters – on LSN all have a possibility to share their message with the world of life sciences.

LSN combines different modules for scientific networking and communication, each module is covering a certain area of professional needs. Publications and their reviews, talent pool for job opportunities, event announcements, protocols, news and other modules are all well connected in an easy to use system. As a result, the users can quickly select, share, combine, update and use the information that they need.

Being a non-profit organization, LSN is committed to use the profit for the benefit of the scientific community. One of the recent non-profit LSN campaigns is dedicated to enlarge the Database of Freely Accessible Research Protocols.

All scientists are invited to share their research protocols to increase the existing pool of over 800 entries and to embrace the transparency and openness in the scientific world.

Life science suppliers worldwide are called to support this campaign and to join the honorable LSN sponsors’ list. The funds raised by sponsors will be used to award the 20 best scientific protocols.

Share the knowledge and participate in creating a more open and transparent scientific process.


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Image  by Ton Rulkens  / CC BY-SA 2.0

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