"Sharp" has a lot of meanings in molecular biology and life sciences. "Secure" as well. flash4science covers both this week.

  • The sharper the better; it is what you want from the DNA ladders when watching them on the gel. We have really sharp electrophoresis offer this week for US customers: DNA ladders from GeneDireX and the non-toxic DNA stain Novel Juice with 30% discount.
  • Want to see only sharp clear bands without background after the PCR? Take the PCR product samples from PCR Biosystems, let the performance speak for itself.
  • Sharp peaks in qPCR are what everybody likes. qPCR Mixes from highQu offered this week with 20% in Germany and UK will definitely meet this criteria.
  • The 3D cell culture with hydrogel from PepGel (offered in US) is sharp by the fact.

And do not forget security… in every step you do with RNA. SecurRIN™ RNase Inhibitor from highQu offered with 20% discount in all three countries can definitely be your number one RNA guard.

ExiProgen™ Automated System from BIONEER will meet all your requirements for highest security in protein synthesis and purification. Take a demo this week and discover the advantages of having contamination shield, integrated UV sterilization and cooling unit for the security of your protein samples.

Image  by Dario Sanches  / CC BY-SA 2.0

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