Multitasking in the lab? Don’t forget controls!

PCR, electrophoresis, ligation, transformation or transfection and minipreps from yesterday’s clones; this is just one of many typical multitasking examples that we do in the lab every day. Usually it all goes fine, but sometimes you have to repeat everything from the beginning…just because you skipped the right controls in every step. Controlling every experimental process is time and reagent consuming, but working without controls is waste of time and much more expensive at the end.

Experienced scientists would advise: never skip controls not to be brought days back to the beginning of your experiment. For example, the set of positive and negative controls for PCR or qPCR will give you directly all answers in case the PCR or qPCR fails. Never skip those. Set all ligation controls, transformation controls and even DNA or RNA purification controls. Yes, controls are our favorite time saver in the lab.

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