Molecular analysis of thousands of genes and DNA templates is now a routine in many laboratories. This is often performed by colony PCR, by adding a single recombinant colony into a PCR master mix, removing the need for purification and saving time and cost for researchers. Unfortunately Taq DNA polymerases are inhibited by cell debris and components of culture media, making only the amplification of small DNA fragments possible.

MyTaq™ DNA Polymerase from Bioline is a new generation of very high performance PCR products, designed to deliver outstanding results on all templates, including crude and complex genomic DNA templates. MyTaq has been engineered to increase affinity for DNA, resulting in significant improvements to yield, sensitivity and speed over native Taq DNA Polymerase.  MyTaq is therefore the ideal choice for simple and complex applications such as colony PCR.

When compared to the enzymes of other suppliers, MyTaq DNA Polymerase exhibits superior tolerance to a wide range of common PCR inhibitors, which results in unsurpassed performance in colony PCR, MyTaq can also be used to directly screen overnight LB cultures, so minimizing the cost of plasmid preparation of uninteresting clones.

The use of MyTaq™ HS Taq DNA Polymerase, a hot-start enzyme, has the added convenience of being able to leaving the PCR reaction at room temperature before processing, which can be advantageous when working with a large number of colonies.



































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Image  by Paolo Tonon  / CC BY-SA 2.0

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