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About PCR Biosystems

PCR Biosystems offers a range of best-in-class kits and reagents for PCR and related technologies. By combining enhanced polymerases with highly-developed reaction buffers and novel hot-start chemistry PCR Biosystems is leading the development of PCR with reagents that maximize yield and sensitivity.

All PCR Biosystems PCR reagents have been developed to maximize yield and sensitivity in the simplest and most challenging of reactions. The portfolio covers a broad range of applications including, real-time PCR, endpoint PCR, high fidelity PCR, hot-start PCR, long PCR, PCR direct from crude samples and molecular diagnostic PCR.

All PCR Biosystems products have undergone comprehensive competitor product comparisons. On average they out perform all competitors in yield, specificity, sensitivity and speed. For more information on the technology click here.

PCR Biosystems produces, manufactures and distributes under a comprehensive quality management system, following ISO 9001:2008 standards.

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