As most PCR users will agree there is a lot of time-consuming processes in a PCR workflow apart from the time actually spent  in the lab. Analysis and planning, identification of suitable reagents, selection of vendors, requesting of quotes, ordering and last but not least the accurate and complete documentation of the results. Until now, these tasks were all completed via separate channels which made the process even more complicated.

We have great news for PCR users. All your PCR workflows can be digitalized, simplified and easily shared with your colleagues and community.

Meet PCRdrive and join the PCR world

The new online platform PCRdrive combines all of these tasks into an all-in-one PCR cockpit and thus makes the whole PCR workflow more structured and focussed. It includes the following modules:

  • Designing of PCR primers
  • Ordering of reagents from vendors of choice (under development)
  • Documentation of results
  • Sharing with colleagues and discussion with the community

PCRdrive is the world's first online platform made exclusively for all your PCR needs. It supports researchers in all their PCR-related processes and encourages the exchange of experience and know-how.

All PCR-related activities are stored in the user's account which allows him to go back to previous PCR protocols and settings at any point in time. In addition, publicly shared PCRs can be easily copied from other users who made them available as an important community aspect of the platform. Alternatively, it is also possible to share PCRs with specific users like colleagues, lab members or other co-workers.

Create Your Free PCRdrive Account

The advantages of PCRdrive at a glance:

  • Time saving: One single platform for all your PCR-related activities
  • Communicative: Collaborate with your working group, colleagues, PCRdrive  community
  • Free: PCRdrive is completely free of charge
  • Fast: PCRdrive is built-up on the fastest technology available


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I am a student of Plant Biotehnology

I want to learn about biotecnology as much as possible so I want to join PCR drive

Yamna - 31 May 2016


Thank you for your interest. A free PCRdrive account can be set up at Welcome!

Admin - 31 May 2016

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