Performing PCR and purifying DNA or proteins every day?

Your day starts with PCR? Before lunch you already purify DNA; and leave your lab in the evening right after the protein purification procedure?  Weeks like that make big numbers appear in your purchasing reports.

With flash4science you can save up to 50% and more on your daily lab needs. Register and choose best products for your research for much less than you pay every day. In one click you can buy products, order samples from multiple suppliers and have just one invoice to pay.

We start our sale week with the best offers for German scientists:

  • Best price for PCR enzymes and mastermixes from PCR Biosystems
  • Innovative molecular biology tools from BIONEER
  • Special offers of precision filled NA and protein purification columns from emp BIOTECH

Scientists in United Kingdom save this week on:

Image  by Luis Romero  / CC BY 2.0

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