Prepare well for 2015. Invite your suppliers to join flash4science and in 2015 your whole research group can profit from their best offers here! With flash4science you can spend more time for research and save up to 50% of your budget. Instead of having multiple suppliers, multiple orders and numerous invoices, you can have all in one.

The more suppliers join us - the better deals we can arrange - the easier your purchasing becomes. You will find more and more products for unbeatable prices at flash4science every week. It’s good for all, simple like that.

flash4science expands and offers a dynamic product portfolio. Located in Germany, and offering saving deals for German and UK researchers, flash4science works closely with numerous biotech suppliers worldwide to deliver their best offers to a continuously growing flash4science scientists’ community.


Image  by Caden Crawford  / CC BY-ND 2.0


im interested to join

Im interested to join...pls let me know how to proceed further.

vivek Murali - 30 December 2014

Join flash4science

If you would like to sell your products via flash4science, please contact us:
- during usual European working hours at +49 7250 33 13 402
- or write us an email at
If you want to join our customers community to buy some products at flash4science, please proceed with registration to see prices and deals available in your country.
Thank you!

flash4science - 13 January 2015

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