Product selection at flash4science made easy

flash4science is an exclusive life science online marketplace providing to researchers best products and services from multiple biotech suppliers at unbeatable prices.  Our product portfolio changes every week; that’s why the fast and easy product selection matters.

Within a single order, in a few clicks scientists can buy up to 50% discounted products/services as well as order multiple free samples or free discount coupons from various vendors partnering with flash4science.

For a simplified product selection, all offers at flash4science are sorted via specific applications  or via product categories and presented in four deal-types:

  • flash sales – weekly offers of  highly discounted products/services from different suppliers
  • flash coupons – weekly offers of free discount coupons that can be used when ordering from different biotech suppliers
  • flash samples – weekly offers of free exclusive samples/demos of innovative products from various biotech suppliers
  • outlet – multi-supplier life science shop with outlet pricing, many suppliers in one place, offers valid for 1 month

You can determine the selection criteria that matters most, like for example selection via supplier or the discount rate.

The product palette of flash4science changes every week, and the variety depends on the suppliers of the week and their portfolios. Different products can be presented in weekly deals; from PCR Reagents and NA purification kits to laboratory instruments like PCR cyclers.

Improve your purchasing processes with flash4science. Save time, effort and money and get more opportunities for science within the same budget. Many suppliers - but just a single order to process, one invoice to pay.

Invite your supplier to join us and we will organize the best deals for your lab.

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Image  by tmaioli  / CC BY-SA 2.0

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