Quality begins inside of the mind of a scientist and is crowned by brilliant scientific publications. There are a lot of quality parameters that matter in life science research. For example, you follow your own quality settings even in daily plasmid miniprep protocols or routine PCR setups. You choose only the highest quality reagents with the guarantied reproducible results for your research.

So do we. So do our suppliers. They follow highest quality parameters in every step of their product development and production. flash4science supports scientific quality requirements and offers outperforming products and free samples from valued life science suppliers who stand for highest quality standards.

Offers this week:

emp BIOTECH - German life science supplier fully committed to the philosophy that “emp” stands for: excellence – made perfect. Well known for precision filled protein desalting columns and NA purification columns.

PCR Biosystems – UK based innovative life science supplier leading the development of PCR with reagents that maximize yield and sensitivity.

BIONEER - leading innovation, value and discovery in Korea and Asia. Especially famous worldwide for automated NA and protein purification solutions and lyophilized prealiquoted master mixes for PCR and qPCR.

GeBa – an Israeli company known for years as one of the pioneers in precast gels for protein electrophoresis and protein dialysis kits.

highQu – German premium brand for professionally simple research tools, especially valued for outperforming qPCR and RT-qPCR master mixes.


Your favorite supplier is not on the list? Invite your supplier to join us and we will organize the best deals for your lab.

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Image  by Michael Whitehead  / CC BY-SA 2.0

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