Relaxed ordering - prolonged discount offers

To make your purchasing process more relaxed we have recently prolonged flash4science life science saving deals. Deal timer that you see on each offer at flash4science keeps you in the loop.

Flash sales, flash coupons, flash samples deals are now valid for two weeks. New deals start every Tuesday at 10 am CET, and end in two weeks on Tuesday at 4 pm CET. Outlet saving offers are valid for one month.

  • flash sales – weekly offers of discounted products, valid for two weeks
  • flash coupons – weekly offers of discount coupons, valid for two weeks
  • flash samples – weekly offers of exclusive samples/demos, valid for two weeks
  • outlet – multi-supplier shop with monthly arrivals, offers valid for 4 weeks

You have always two or more weeks to use the discount offer and to process your order internally. No stress, no rush…but the number of items we have in each offer is limited; if you are too late, they might be sold out.

Our offers this week are featured by:

PepGel, OakLabs, emp BIOTECH, GeneDireX, FroggaBio, PCR Biosystems, highQu.

Image  by Breville USA  / CC BY 2.0

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